Customer Notification System

I took this on as a side project with a coworker of mine while working my first job. This was my first web development project that I helped on for a live client. It took me a little bit to figure out how everything worked with Django, but this project is what made me love Python.

Most of my contributions to this project was the cloud infrastructure. This was my first time using any sort of cloud technologies, so I was mostly learning with my time. My focus was to make the infrastructure as easy as possible. I not only made the infrastructure durable with multiple environments, but I set up a CI pipeline to make deployments effortless.

I also created a series of reports for the clients to assess the health of their branches. As such, I was also the primary developer on making sure that permissions were locked down properly.

This project is what really launched my career. I learned so much about cloud infrastructure and web development. A large amount of the work I do today is from the skills I learned from this project.

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