After launching several projects, I found that the first two weeks of work was always the same: build the project base, hook up authentication, and deploy it into the cloud. If I was feeling particularly adventurous I would build some CI. Most of these were personal projects and I lost interest after getting everything set up. Gossamer seeks to solve this problem by building common project components when starting on a project. It creates IaC for the resources it requires so that everything is easily modifiable. In all, Gossamer saves approximately 450 of hours of work for setting a project, and packs best practices right in. It packs in features such as:

  • User Authentication and role management
  • SSL Certs
  • Locked down network
  • CD Pipeline with tests and SCA packed in
  • Microservice architecture, with all microservce communication built-in
  • 3 locked down environments, with cost-cutting procedures
  • RDS password rotation
  • IDE build configurations for running and testing microservices
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